Sunday, May 22, 2016

event 2

I first went into the gallery before the presentation. There were so many amazing things to look at! There were multiple intricate paintings and sculptures.

My favorite piece in the entire gallery was the purple painting with lightning all over it. I think it was super creative and fun to look at!

 There were so many amazing pieces in the gallery. I loved how everything was set up. They had wine and snacks, and everything was very official looking. I have never been to an art gallery before, and I learned that I love them!

Ana Joffre used to be a physicist but wanted to contribute to culture. She defined many important terms for her audience. She taught us that magnetic fields are electric current produced by magnetic field. She also said that electric charges have two types of charges: positive and negative and they attract each other.  An electric field is when electric charges make electric fields. Matter is made of atoms, atoms contain moving charges.
Each atom has magnetic movement and in some materials they align. She showed an experiment of a makeshift motor. It was super interesting!

Megan lindeman is involved with Neuro - chemistry and is interested in black matter.
She talked about mixing molecules (oxytocin) and using them with paint. She makes really cool paintings. She titles all paintings with a description of random things and then "And the richness of darkness." She uses both emotion and reason in her paintings. 

Walter gekelman was another speaker at the event. He talked about how plasma is the fourth state of matter and if you make something hot enough then molecules came out. If you make it even hotter than that, then hotter electrons come out. He discussed how the coldest plasma is 1000 degrees Celsius and how the surface of the sun is 8000 degrees.
I learned that fusion happens in center of sun and that Walter creates experiments that replicate this fusion. He also talked about his project Plasma coy. It is designed like an Infiniti and has a magnet in the bottom. Water is pulled to the magnet. Coy fish are at the bottom. 

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