Monday, May 2, 2016

Event 1

I really enjoyed my visit to the Hammer Museum. I did not know it was so close to campus! I am definitely visiting again. The tour was super fun and informational. Below I am going to discuss some of my favorite parts of my experience at the museum.

First of all, I loved the Heatherwick studio spun chairs! They combined science and art. It was impossible for the chair to fall, even though I was scared at moments that I would. They were designed by Thomas Heatherwick. He worked with a furniture company to create the inventive and fun chairs.

I went on the "Leap before you look: Black Mountain College" tour. It was super fun and informative! Black Mountain College was a school in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The college was the first school to study only art. It only lasted 24 years, but it still goes down in history for laying the path for liberal art colleges of today. It was Founded in 1933 by John Andrew, Theodore Drier, Frederick Georgia, and Ralph Lounsbury. 

I also want to talk about the art on the second floor. I thought it was super creative and fun to look at. It was modern and fun looking, and not like any other normal artwork I have ever seen. The floor with this artwork was my favorite out of the whole museum. 

I tried to get a photo with a worker of the museum, but they said I couldn't due to privacy reasons. However, they printed this receipt to prove I was there. 

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