Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 6
Nature has always been a fascination for artists. Bio art is genetic technology, and the combination of biology and art. Some artists work in laboratories and go into flesh and the cellular level. Some artist believe you have to work with tissue directly to call it bio art. Others believe that working with scientists and using pictures is sufficient.
Joe Davis is considered the pioneer of bio art. He is very eccentric, and has created many things that many people wouldn't have even imagined. He walked into MIT uninvited and was appointed research head. Wanted to convince molecular biologists to synthesis DNA and insert it into genome. Came up with “crazy and dangerous ideas.” He made audio microscope which took sound and made it in to image. He also looked at how E. coli responded to jazz. This showed how to produce sound waves stressful to bacteria. He also genetically engineered a sign of human life to send to aliens. Chose E. coli. Chose female genitalia symbol to send to aliens.
Bio artists make science labs their studios. Bio art was officially created in 2000 by Symbiotica. founders created space for artists to work in lab. They also created an extensive curriculum for University of western australia. Adam Zaretsky is one of Symbiotica's star artists. He uses humor for artwork. Uses knowledge of biology to create art out of gene cells.
Kathy High is another famous bioartist. She competes in blood wars which is the testing of blood set up as competition. Brings awareness to blood testing and educates audience about it.  She is also a pioneer in rat laughter. This is the study of what sounds cause stress for rats? Rats are used in biological studies because they are close to humans on tree of evolution. Kathy wants to solve human health problems with rats. Transgenic rat are rats that are created for scientific research. Things are inserted in their genomes to test different diseases. They are different than natural rats and are known as Hybrids, cyborgs, etc. Artists bought them to try and make them healthy and fix them.
Orlan is a famous performance artist. She works with Symbiotica. She made a Harlequin coat out of skin made out of petri dishes. Shows different views of beauty. She used skin cells from different races. 



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