Sunday, April 10, 2016

Unit 2

The Picnic Party is a painting by Jack Vettriano. Jack Vettriano is a scottish artist. The painting is an oil painting with subdued colors. It depicts a man and two women walking along the beach looking for a place to have a picnic. This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork. I love the colors and the peaceful vibe of the piece. Due to math, artists are able to make paintings appear to be 3D. They are also able to make sure the proportions of the painting are even, and measure the volume of a sculpture. Math comes in handy and is sometimes necessary for artwork to be created.  

Good Will Hunting is a movie about a janitor who is a mathematical genius. This movie shows that your background or situation in life does not define your self worth. Whether it is art, science, or math, everyone has their own strengths. Even if a person is better at science than art, it doesn't mean that they cannot enjoy art as well. It is important to explore your interests, and do things you are not necessarily talented at. We all have the ability to do both art and science. R. Buckminster Fuller said, “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” Our education system tells us to only do things we are good at. This limits a persons potential.

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  2. I thought your choice to include the movie "Good Will Hunting" was really cool. I think this is a interest example of exploring your interest. I also think this movie is relevant to the idea of the 3rd culture. Will (a mathematician) and Dr. Sean Maguire (a scientist) work together to further Will's career and enhance his outlook on life.

  3. I found your inclusion of the importance of valuing individual strengths interesting. Where in our modern day intelligence is generally thought of as proficiency in science and math, it is important to recognize that intelligence can come in the form of proficiency or knowledge of many other subjects.

  4. I agree with that education has told us to only do things we are good at. That’s why STEAM is setting a new trend in education nowadays. STEAM education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.