Saturday, April 23, 2016

week 4

I have had a lot of injuries throughout my life. Most of them have to do with my fingers. I play volleyball, and have broken four fingers. I have therefore had to get four bone x-rays. I also have had to get teeth x-rays at the dentist, and go through an x-ray at the airport. I don't even think anything special when I get x-rayed because I have gotten it done so many times. However, it is a huge invention that has greatly benefited society. 

Body worlds is a popular exhibition that I visited as a kid. It is absolutely amazing! Gunther von Hagens came up with the idea of taking water and fat from human bodies and replacing  them with plastic. He was dismissed as a failure by some people. However, his exhibition lets us see what the human body looks like in 3-D. He preserved different body parts in plastic that viewers can look at and learn about the human body. 

There are a lot of amazing medical technologies that have allowed people to find out what is going on in side our bodies. X-rays are used in manufacturing, airports, medical tests, etc. In 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen created x rays. He earned the first nobel peace prize in physics.

Raymond Vahan Damadian tried to make x rays safe. He ended up creating the MRI scanner. It took 5 hours to produce one image. A CAT scan was also invented; it Creates a 3-D image of internal organs

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